Monday, 6 June 2016

The Bit Hash Special (BHS) represents a speculative investment and involves a degree of risk. Investors must have the financial ability"
The Bit Hash Special (BHS) represents a speculative investment and involves a degree of risk. Investors must have the financial ability, prior knowledge and willingness to bear the risks of an in
Investors may consider adding Bitcoin to their portfolios, not only to potentially monetize the long-term positive returns of Bitcoin price appreciation, but also as a way to diversify their investments. Allocating a portion of one’s assets into Bitcoin could prove profitable in the long run.
The trusted authority on digital currency investing, Bit Hash Limited provides reliable investment exposure to the developing digital currency asset class. Bit Hash investment products called The BitHash Special or BHS provide titled, auditable Bitcoin exposure through available market 
Interest on your investment is accrued on an hourly basis & can be withdrawn instantly into your Bitcoin address. 

Please, note that BHS pays a perpetual return, in other words – only you decide how long you will keep your active investment in BHC. Each investor receives an interest on his investment as long as his deposit is active. 

Speical note: Should an investor decide to close his active BHS, he will be charged a fee for this transaction. All other transactions are fee free. 

Withdraw fees depend on the number of days of your active BHS investment. We wish to establish a long-term cooperation with our clients & the system of fees has been designed to protect BHS from any possible downslides. 

The following fees are applied only when a client makes a decision to close his active BHS investment.

BHS is effectively broken down into 3 plans depending on the amount of investment involved:BITCOIN : A WAY TO ENHANCE RETURNS

In addition to helping mitigate downside risk, an investment in Bitcoin can also enhance anyone’s portfolio returns. In our low-rate and slow-growth environment, investors have been looking to alternative assets to boost returns. An alternative asset to consider adding to a portfolio is Bitcoin.


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